The Gift of the Moment
by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

During this beautiful season of light, miracles, gifts and kindness, the world is in an uproar. Rather than bathe in the beauty and love around us, rather than graciously receive the gifts given, our fight to conquer ourselves and others goes on and on. Our struggle to be important. Sides are drawn, relationships ended, weapons amassed. The pain of this madness surrounds us.

And In the midst of our enormously hurried, busy, important lives there’s not a minute to waste. Tasks now increase by the moment, holiday lists are made, parties planned.
There are calls to make, shopping lists.Gifts must be gathered together. Most rush around frantically, unable to calm down. Or enjoy the splendid array of life all around us. There’s always something more to achieve, attain and display to others before our precious days are over.

All the while the true gift of our lives passes us by. Why is that? Why is it so hard to find the gift we have been searching for? And once we have a glimpse of it, why do we lose it so easily? In answer to this question, we rush further, struggle more, intensify our search.

And all the while there is a simple solution to this bind we are trapped in. True solutions are always simple, and they are readily available for everyone. This beautiful, solution will take you just where you need to go, and bring all you need to you. Here it is.

Just take it easy! Stop planning, scheming, manipulating, trying to control your life. Stop the rush, slow down. Do everything with much less effort. In Zen this might be called Do Nothing. This does not mean to be passive, but to let life do what is needed for you. The waves do not direct the tides of the ocean. They are simply the ocean’s play. We are both the waves and the ocean. But it is good to notice that neither the waves nor the ocean struggle frantically on their journey to the shore. For today, forget everything you thought was important. Give yourself the gift of the moment. Make a new friend, yourself.

Bring your attention back to the moment. Let it be exactly as it is. Enjoy it thoroughly. For today, tell yourself, there is nothing more I need to do. The Tibetans say, “This Suffices.” I say, “Thank You.”
And here is a strange promise. As soon as you can fully enjoy the gift of the moment and everything that arises in it, whatever you think you need or want, will be brought to you effortlessly. And it will delight you. And once you are capable of being delighted, relax, the next gift is on its way.

Brenda ShoshannaDr. Brenda Shoshanna is a psychologist, speaker, author and long term practitioner of meditation. Her work is dedicated to integrating Eastern and Western psychology and philosophy and applying the timeless wisdom to our everyday lives. Life is then no longer simply a problem to be solved, but an adventure to be welcomed and enjoyed.


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