We Are Made to Be in the Sun
by Eileen Weilbacher – Long Island, NY


Here we are, July, a Beautiful time of year! Please, have NO fear of the sun and it’s many, MANY, Benefits! We must be wise, and take in the Sunshine’s generous rays, while benefitting from vitamin D and it’s Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) enhancement! Please read, exerpted from an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Marc Sorenson (who wrote the book Embrace the Sun), and take advantage of this wonderful gift in the Great Outdoors! To hear / read the entire interview, please copy and paste: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2019/05/05/sun-exposure-health-benefits.aspx

* Your body is designed to benefit from sun exposure, and if you’re diabetic or have heart disease, it may well be one of the missing factors. Sunlight also lowers your risk for many other conditions, including Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, vision diseases, and several types of cancer, including melanoma.

* Nitric Oxide, potent vasodialator, from the sun, dramatically reduces heart disease —not vitamin D in a pill, the sun provides more than D. We NEED to be IN the SUNLIGHT, you can’t get this from a pill. The risk of heart disease and the risk of myocardial infarction drop dramatically in the summertime, and go up dramatically in the wintertime. Blood pressure goes down dramatically with regular sun exposure. * For every death caused by diseases related to excessive sun exposure—such as melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer—there are 328 deaths caused by diseases of sunlight deprivation. Get your sunshine, early morning to about 11 am, with Omega 3.

* Near Infrared – 40% of Sunlight is Near Infrared, which increases cytochrome C oxidase, the fourth cytochrome in mitochondria (the cells’ energy powerhouses). Your body is DESIGNED to Benefit from SUN Exposure. If you’re diabetic or have heart disease, it may be one of the missing factors.

* Melanoma increased by 3,000% after sun exposure decreased by 90%! (in 1935 about 1 in 1,500 people contracted melanoma as opposed to 2002-2003, rate of 1 in 50.) Same % with use of sunscreens. Common skin cancer does NOT turn into melanoma. By exposing yourself to the sun you WILL DECREASE your risk of melanoma.

I was just thinking about the new study on Parkinson’s disease, [which] showed people who are out in the bright sun daily, regularly have 1/50th the risk of ever getting Parkinson’s. That’s fairly new research.

* During wintertime at latitudes above 22 degrees you’re not going to be able to get enough ultraviolet B (UVB). However, you’re still getting other photoproducts such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), NO and others. They will be produced even in the winter when the sunlight is too weak to trigger vitamin D production.

* Avoid Sunburn at ALL Costs! Once your skin turns the lightest shade of pink, move into the shade or put on clothing and a hat to cover up your skin. There is a very interesting piece of research … that shows people who use sunscreen have anywhere from three to six times the risk of sunburn. Another one was a big meta analysis, which showed there was no benefit whatsoever in using sunscreens. None at all. In fact, there was a slight increase in the risk of all skin cancers together.

* Sun Exposure Decreases Risk of Autoimmune Disease – i.e. multiple sclerosis and Type 1 diabetes. Both are confirmed to be far less prevalent in areas near the equator.

* Spending the entire day in bright sunlight increases your serotonin level by 800%! A precursor to serotonin — melatonin — is also crucial for sleep and cancer prevention. It also increases dopamine levels – feel good chemical (prevents depression).

* Sunlight and Visual Acuity, myopia, with people needing glasses at an early age, and presbyopia, which is when you need reading glasses, are also on the rise, and this too may be a side effect of insufficient sun exposure. I think if we’re in the sun the way we ought to be and eat the polyphenols and so forth … that’s probably the way to prevent most of the older-age diseases … AND avoid processed vegetable oils, sugar, and processed foods.

Enjoy the Summer and Sunshine! Be Healthy & Happy Now!

Eileen Weilbacher, Certified Holistic Health Coach


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