Good Vibrations and Well-being … Thinking is a Big Responsiblity
by Debbie Sellwood

You are a Frequency – How personal vibration influences health, well-being and development by Debbie Sellwood

We live in a physical world so naturally we associate ourselves operating as a physical body, but in fact we are much more. Everything is energy, including the physical body, but because of its low frequency we present as physical form. To explain this further, take the analogy of the fan – when it is spinning fast, we can see straight through it, when not, it is a static object.

The human form is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field which is composed of a matrix of multi-dimensional energy bodies, known as the subtle energy system. It underlies, penetrates, and surrounds the physical body. These complex energy fields, which have a higher frequency than the physical body, contribute to its operation, and maintenance and can have a profound influence on the physical form.

An Energetic Thought Form

Our feelings and emotions, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and intentions are energy too and according to their frequency have the ability to affect our wellbeing in a positive or negative way. This is due to their connection with the energy bodies. Whenever we think about something or someone, we create energy, so it is impossible to think without some accompanying feeling, reaction or emotion. Our emotions are created by our thoughts. Each time we have a thought, an energetic “thought form” is created which vibrates to a certain frequency and has the potential to impact events or what comes into reality, including our wellbeing. As everything is energy it has consciousness, including every cell and molecule in the human body, and when operating at optimal frequency is when they are vibrating at their highest rate.

Obviously, many things impact our health including what we put into our body and how it is treated, but our bodies are also projections of our consciousness – what we believe ourselves to be, so it is crucial we impress our thoughts and emotions with positivity.

Thinking is a big responsibility; thoughts have power, and we need to use them wisely. In quantum physics, it is stated the behavior of energy at the quantum level is determined by the awareness of the observer. According to Einstein’s principle “energy comprises both a wave and particle form.” This means the future exists as an infinite array of possibilities and probabilities; the wave is a possibility of what could be, but it is not until we focus our attention on something or translate our idea into a thought, that it becomes manifest. The wave then changes from a state of potential to a state of being, it then becomes the particle, which, in the context of this article, is us and our corresponding state of health.

How Can We Change Our Vibration?

When our thoughts are continually of a discordant nature or our beliefs unhelpful, this lowers our vibration and can create obstructions in the subtle anatomy (includes other elements such as energy centers). However, when our consciousness is unobstructed by discordant emotions and thought patterns, there is nothing to disrupt the flow of life force energy through the subtle anatomy, hence increasing the likelihood of good health. Mastery over our thoughts (and emotions) is essential, as is the ability to create constructive and positive thought forms. The intention (vibration) behind the emotion and thought is crucial. If you want to change things in your life, change the frequency of the light patterns that make up that reality.

Whenever we think in a favorable or optimistic way, we elevate our consciousness, raise our vibration, and increase the potential to improve our well-being. Spending time in nature and thinking good of others is helpful, as is cultivating a level of calm and trying our best to live in joy, regardless of outer circumstances. In doing so, we increase our vibration to an extent where eventually, lower frequency emotions are unable to exist. This makes it much harder to hold onto unnecessary emotional baggage or dysfunctional beliefs, which we often erroneously believe define who we are. However, embracing this outlook comes with a challenge. It often means we find ourselves on a totally different vibration to others around us, which may result in some friends and family members leaving our lives because they do not vibrate at the same consciousness. In a similar vein, it is also important to protect ourselves from the disharmonious emotions and thoughts of others (not to mention actions). These are energies too and can have a disabling effect on our well-being if we are not careful.

Fast Track Progress

In these challenging times we are experiencing a fast-track progression in our evolutionary journey. In order to survive the transformation taking place in our world, it is essential to let go of any negative emotions and unsupportive habit patterns that can hold us back and limit our possibilities. This is not only necessary to survive with peace of mind in the future, but also to reach our highest potential emotionally, mentally, and spiritually which then has a positive effect on our health and well-being.

When our vibration lightens, the tendency is for our unresolved “stuff” to surface for resolution, whether we want it to or not! Uncomfortable as it may be, it is in our best interest to let go of or rewrite those elements in the past that have an emotional hold over us. When we do this, our vibration reflects this and circumstances are then drawn towards us that match our higher vibration, placing us in a more advantageous position to create and experience a positive (and healthy) future.

Debbie SellwoodDebbie Sellwood has worked with Energy for over 20 years and is an advanced practitioner with the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (Home – BFVEA). She is a professional Astrologer (APAI – Association of Professional Astrologers International) and author of You are a Frequency – How personal vibration influences health, well-being and development and also of Centaury for Virgo, Rock Rose for Pisces – A guide to selecting flower essences by astrological sign. Both books are available on Amazon.





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