When Our Distractions Are Gone by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

Here we are in the midst of an enforced sesshin. So many of us cannot leave our place. Our usual routines are disrupted. That which we leaned upon for comfort and a sense of security may now be taken away. From the Zen point of view. This is a time of true practice.

So much of our life has been “busy”, rushing here and there. Feeling we need to get so many things “accomplished.” And the more we do, the busier we become. So busy, in fact, that we are not able to hear the sound of the rain on the roof. Or truly look into the eyes of those we are close to.

This business not only provides distraction, it becomes an addiction that takes our true joy, satisfaction and connectedness away.

The one who is not busy, however, doesn’t have to run here and there. He/she is able to be with themselves and with whatever is brought into their life. Just to be with. Not have to fix it, reject it or change it somehow. In fact, no matter what comes, it is even possible to enjoy it to the brim.

When we slow down, many are stepping away from a compulsive way of life. There may be some nervousness in the beginning, but allow it. Allow yourself to just be. Allow yourself to trust that the world is moving the way it must, and that a great contribution is not to rush around frantically, but to taste life fully, praise it, uplift it.

And allow the one who is not busy to show you the way.

Brenda Eshin Shoshanna
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May All Be Well, and at Peace during these changing times.
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