Nowhere To Go
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

couple sitting by fireplace

We are all searching for the perfect place to visit, live in, or spend time. Most can stay where they are only briefly. Restlessness arise, curiosity about what’s around the corner. Deep inside there is a cry, “Get Me Out Of Here. I’ve had enough.”

Had enough of what? We’re not sure, but it definitely seems as if things will go better somewhere else.

During a period of time like this, when many are confined, the cry becomes more intense. We would do anything to leave the place we seem to be stuck in, run around, go here and there. At least our boredom, and restlessness will ease up.

We feel the same way about relationships, thinking a new one will bring so much more happiness and fun.

When we are in one place, or relationship most of the time is spent dreaming of being somewhere else. Many plan for journeys they will be taking, or the new people they will be meeting. They count the days.

But Zen practice points in a different direction. It suggests that there is nowhere else to go. We are already in the perfect place for us, just haven’t really occupied it.

This Very Place we are in right now, this very relationship, has all the treasures we desire. When we stop running from it, stop dreaming and waiting for something else, the doors will open wide.

Then our “true place” will be revealed – that which we have always been seeking.


Brenda Eshin Shoshanna
May All Be Well, and at Peace during these changing times.
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