Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: Setting A Higher Standard by Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM

How can you tell whether something you’ve done for yourself is good enough? Or just what would make it good enough for you? Your personal standards are what matter here. Are your “good enough” criteria aligned with your personal beliefs, values, and ideals? How about situations that actually require an ideal performance, like the treatment you receive at your dentist. It’s hard to know if the care you are receiving is good, let alone ideal. I cannot speak for other dentists, but my passion for quality dentistry is driven by my integrity and desire to treat people even better than the way I would expect to be treated. It is hard to go wrong that way.

Recently, I had the privilege of treating a patient who suffered from Bell’s Palsy, often a very painful, facially disfiguring and debilitating condition. She went to the various specialists that treat this affliction, yet all came up empty. Fortunately for this patient, I was up for the challenge. It was not what I saw on her x-rays that identified her issue, it was what we could not visualize. Twenty-four years of dental practice and experience allowed for out of the box thinking to resolve her Bell’s Palsy!

At Integrative Dental Specialists, Dr. Etess and his team pride themselves on delivering to you the attention that you deserve, along with the highest level of dental expertise, performed methodically with great skill and accuracy and without sacrifice. We set the highest treatment standard to achieve phenomenal results.

What sets Dr. Etess apart is that he will go above and beyond to listen to your needs and bring you a level of dentistry that is unmatched. Dr. Etess utilizes his extensive dental training and unsurpassed dental expertise to provide his patients with one-of- a-kind, individualized care that allows for the highest level of dental treatment, personalization, and accessibility.

At Integrative Dental Specialists, setting the highest standard of care is what we are about. Implementing leading-edge dental protocols allows our practice to do what other dentists are unable to offer. There is nothing superior to the teeth that are biologically your own, therefore you should do all that you can to ensure that you maintain them. Using exclusive rehabilitative and dental biomimetic restorative procedures along with the ultimate best disinfection protocols including laser and ozone, problematic teeth can be restored and rejuvenated back to normal healthy function. Pioneering therapies that save teeth like the root canal alternative treatment ToothRegenesis™, which reestablishes the blood supply to the tooth—even an infected tooth or tooth that previously had root canal therapy—revitalizing and making the tooth “live” again. If you have to lose a natural tooth, zirconium and titanium implants are the best options today to replace missing teeth. But implants are not teeth, and the bone necessary to surgically place implants is not always readily available. Far too often I see patients that have been told by another dentist they are not a candidate for implants because they do not have enough bone. Fortunately, our practice has the technology to harvest your own living bone for Khoury® self-bone grafts along with Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) from your blood to allow the placement of zirconium or titanium implants where they were not once possible.

Remaining on the cutting edge of the newest dental advancements is a full-time task and a top priority for Dr. Etess. In order to provide our patients with the most sanitary environment possible, we employ ENHANCED proactive air and surface office disinfection protocols. Do not assume all dentistry is the same. Dr. Etess prides himself on bringing you first-class, unmatched care. When considering your dental needs, why settle for anything less than the best? We work toward one standard, the HIGHEST standard! The time for excuses has passed. If you are looking for the finest, safest, healthiest and most predictable results to correct your dental issues and would like to learn more about the best ideas in modern dentistry available to you, please contact Integrative Dental Specialists to make an appointment with Dr. Etess today.

Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM, graduated in the top 10% from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. An IVY LEAGUE trained Certified Endodontic Specialist/Implant Specialty Surgeon with a dual degree in Dentistry and Board Certified in Naturopathic & Integrative medicine & certified in biomimetic cosmetic dentistry to provide a broad array of biological dentistry covering all facets of restorative, prosthetic, surgical, endodontic, pediatric, periodontal, and implant dentistry for his patients for over 24 years.

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