How to Be the Creator of Your Best Life
by Mary Ann Robbat

Do you feel a pull, a call – to discover, create and experience more in your life? Perhaps it is more love, joy, purpose, or something you can’t even define?

While you KNOW you want to live your life differently, somehow you can’t quite make it happen. You may be successful manifesting some of what you want, but not all of what you want in your life. Is it a lack of clarity of your vision and purpose? Is there something blocking you? Are you conscious of what is getting in the way or is it a mystery to you?

We all want to be the creators of our best life, yet there are no university degrees to teach us how to do this. I’m sharing a possible scenario that you might be able to relate to.

Janet came to me asking “How can I create the life I want in all areas of my life?” Janet is a successful business executive who felt very satisfied in her career, but longed for more, specifically to find a partner she felt deeply connected with to marry and raise a family.

Janet said she has tried everything, worked with a therapist for years and had regular reiki sessions. She went on a vision quest, did a full body cleansing detox, actively engaged in online dating platforms as well as hired a matchmaker … you get the picture. None of these resulted in getting a partner.

As Janet told me about her journey, I realized her story was like following a hockey puck on the ice — it was all over the place. All of these different strategies were depleting her energy, creating confusion in her intentions, and leaving her hopeless about her ability to get a partner.

If you are engaging in a lot of “activity” that is not resulting in the change you desire, this might be a good time for you to try a system with step by step processes to uncover the source of what is keeping you stuck, and practical energy practices to move you forward.

There are four levels of your life you need to consider when you want to create lasting change:

Spiritual – Aligning to your Soul’s desires

Energetic – Creating clear intentions between you and the universe

Physical – Releasing energy trapped in your body

Emotional – Uncovering beliefs that are limiting you

On the Spiritual Level, each soul creates a unique purpose when it comes into physical human form. Here you align and integrate your desired vision with your soul’s purpose, opening up more possibilities.

On the Energetic Level, each human lifetime has a unique energy field that resides between the soul and human form. You want this communication channel to be as uncluttered and clear as possible.

On the Physical Level, which is where all of our experience in this lifetime gets stored, negative experiences create heavy energy or “energy blocks” that lower our energetic vibration. You want to release the stored negative energy from years of feeling challenged to lighten your energy and prepare for a new way of living.

On the Emotional Level we talk about how our beliefs create our reality and that every belief we have has energy to it. Our beliefs are either empowering or limiting and there is associated energy with each type.

Breaking it down to the next level, each belief can either be conscious, where we know we hold the belief, or unconscious, where we are not aware we hold the belief.

You may uncover limiting subconscious beliefs based on family and cultural beliefs that you adopted as a child. These can subconsciously compete with your conscious beliefs about yourself and what you are trying to manifest.

Janet started at the emotional level and found her partner, got married and had a child after working on all four levels.

Do you have an area of your life where you feel stuck or just not as fulfilled as you know you can be?

Here are four simple steps you can use to explore your situation and uncover limiting beliefs that might be keeping you stuck.

  • Identify common expressions you remember hearing or being told as a child. Write down the limiting belief you think you created from the expression. For example, the expression “Don’t expect too much from life” could become beliefs such as:
    I’m not worthy
    I don’t deserve
    I can’t ask for what I want
  • Take each limiting belief and reverse it to become an empowering belief. For example: I am worthy I deserve I have the right to ask for what I want
  • Visualize your life as if you are living these new beliefs. What would be different? How would it feel? Every time you visualize, you are aligning your energy and informing the universe that you are ready to receive what you want.
  • Retrain your brain to hold your new empowering belief by creating a mantra or affirmation and say it daily until you feel yourself truly believing and living the new beliefs. For example: I’m worthy to receive anything I ask for.

Using this simple, yet powerful four step process will help you begin to create a lasting change. You will start to experience new opportunities and possibilities and begin to manifest your best life of more joy, fulfillment, abundance and happiness.

Mary Ann RobbatTollerra: Master Your Energy Master Your LifeMary Ann Robbat is a coach, energy healer and practitioner. A former 15-year corporate senior executive, she was unfilled and went on a spiritual and personal development journey. Today, with over 25+ years in the energy healing and coaching business, Robbat created and teaches the Tollerra Energy Mastery System. She is the author of two best-selling books including the recent Tollerra: Master Your Energy Master Your Life, an international bestseller.




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    • Bob
    • June 1, 2022

    Wow! There is so much packed into this short article. Thank you. I love the analogy of the hockey puck. I feel that way sometimes. I guess it’s kind of “shiny object syndrome…” I really like the idea of a systematic way of dealing with life’s issues.

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