Now Is the Time For Emotional Clearing
by Annette Cravera Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

Now is the time to reconcile, not just the fractures in our relationships with friends and family, but also the emotions we have built up inside of us over the past year. The body is a storehouse of emotions “good” and “bad.” If we’ve been lucky enough to experience the “good” emotions such as love, compassion, empathy and joy, we have enhanced our enjoyment of living and boosted our immune system. “Bad” emotions, the ones that make us feel queasy in our stomachs, make our heads hurt and hearts ache, such as grief, remorse, anger, fear, and hate, have subdued our immune system and at times made us question our competence in living a reasonable life.

With that said, I would assert that ascribing a value judgment to emotions as being “good” or “bad” does not serve us, as all emotions are necessary in our experience of life and all are instructive to the soul. It is essential however, to clear the emotions that cause us pain and discomfort so that our bodies have a chance to recover and return to homeostasis. Clearing our emotions, the struggle within, is as important as brushing our teeth. Here’s why:

We accumulate experiences as we move through our lives. The only way we know we’ve had an experience is from the feeling we have about it, the emotion it causes in us. Some experiences are more memorable than others. The more intense the emotion attached to an experience, the more we hold onto it.

We have these experiences in order to accumulate knowledge about ourselves and how we fit in the world. We learn about love, about betrayal, sometimes abandonment, disappointment and loneliness, sometimes ecstasy, as well as a full range of other emotions—by design. We each live out a certain set of experiences and emotions, depending on what is intended for us to learn as a soul. The point is to learn something through having relationships, witnessing events, just growing up and becoming a member of society. In that effort, we gain knowledge and feel something. The trouble is, we don’t know what to do with the emotion(s) attached to that which we’ve gained as insight.

As Candace Pert, PhD so aptly described in her book Molecules of Emotion so many years ago, we create chemicals in the body that have the signature of love, betrayal, abandonment, anger, ecstasy, loneliness, etc., and these chemicals target certain cells of our body. We know from research that energy mirroring those emotions target the same cells. There is thus both a chemical and an energetic response to the situations we find ourselves in, lovely or not.

We know that disease is sometimes the outcome of continual and longstanding chemical bombardment of cells. We know that emotions can make our joints sore, our hearts act up, our intestines misbehave. We try to do something to stop the production of these chemicals and the energy that follows, but ineffectively. We yell, we cry, we pound the pillow, the wall, someone we love; we work out at the gym extra hard, enroll in Tae Kwon Do class, run; join support groups, eat, talk to experts; take painkillers, psychoactive drugs, we drink; we pray; and some of us purge ourselves of these emotions by vomiting, overusing laxatives, cutting or denying ourselves food so that no more energy is added to an already “full” body. We wish to purge the stuff that makes us uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. Much of this effort creates harm in the body. Is there another way to release the emotions that we no longer have to carry?

The answer is yes. We can release our emotions through a simple and direct process of emotional clearing. Here is how to do it:

The first step is to give yourself the time and privacy to clear your emotions. It will surprise you how often you will need to do emotional clearing once you feel the difference in your body. So, make time for it, regularly.

You can do it anywhere, but I recommend you start in your bathroom, with a sink and a toilet nearby. Set up two bowls; one bowl with warm, soapy water and the other with clean, warm water, and put them on the floor or next to you on a counter, with a clean hand towel. Sit on the toilet or stand in front of the sink or in the shower. Place your right palm on the back of your head along the occipital ridge (where the neck and head meet). Place your left palm on your throat, with your thumb and forefinger gently moving your lower jaw forward to open up your throat. Hold your hands there until you feel either an emotion (sadness, anger, remorse, etc.), or automatically take a deep breath and exhale vigorously. Use your left hand to draw up the emotion to your mouth, open it wide and use both hands to pull out the energy from your mouth, like pulling spaghetti out of your mouth.

You may cry while you pull the energy out, you may yell, or scream; it is an automatic process so don’t inhibit yourself. You may want to vomit, and dry heave a few times. You may burp, cough, or yawn, all of it is the body’s way of moving the energy out of your body, the energy of negative emotions and non-constructive thoughts. Then wash your hands, dipping them in the warm soapy water first and gently rubbing, then shaking off the soap, and putting your hands into the clean water to rinse, then dry them. Again, place your right palm on the occipital ridge, the left hand on your throat until you no longer feel the urge to expel the energy, or feel the emotion. It may take a while, so be patient.

Then wash yourself well, including your hair (which absorbs a lot of energy), brush your teeth including your tongue. And rest. You have taken a big step toward reconciling your emotions and beginning your recovery.


Annette Goggio, MPH, holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in the health sciences. Her practice in energy medicine is based on the teachings of Dixie Yeterian and Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine. Ms. Goggio offers a suite of services including hands-on and distant healing, life counselling, and numerology. To learn more please visit: Her recent book, Healing: A Conversation, provides readers with a framework for understanding life purpose and the education of the soul.



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