From Here to There
by Patricia McDowall – London, UK

Have you ever felt that you are not quite where you want to be in life? Perhaps struggling with your career, your relationships, your finances and you think of a place in your head of where you want to be instead. So how do we get from here to there?

Having been a Spiritual Life coach, a spiritual writer and channel for many years, working with people in various roles as a healing therapist, through study of psychology, philosophy and ancient wisdom and through life experience challenges of my own I have a few ideas on this Here to There scenario.

My first thoughts go to the old chestnut of Law of Attraction. “Oh been there, done that” I can hear ringing in my ears. Didn’t work!?! There is a reason why.  We have to observe how we are attracting situations to us that we don’t want and not getting what we do want. The answer simply is we create by default, by not choosing or steering our own lives.

It isn’t surprising this happens because nobody takes us aside as we are growing into this wonderful human being and says “well you have to get a hold of your thinking. You have to put some real effort into it until this creating thing becomes second nature.” In actual fact it is part of our inbuilt system we cannot help but create but to deliberately create is another matter.

So think back to a time when you wanted something so badly all you could do was think of that thing and you saw it in your mind’s eye, maybe it was a toy you wanted a s a kid or you wanted to go to a place or have a pet and you got so emotionally involved with it that the energy went out to the Universe and in some way managed to grant your request. You may not even have seen it coming; it may have appeared from somewhere unexpected.

What was important was not how it came to you but what you did as a kid to bring it to you, to connect to the energy of that thing and allow it into your life.

So why didn’t it work some of the time? Well often doubt would have come in and spoiled the party. As a kid you didn’t see all the reasons why you couldn’t have the item. Or maybe you did, maybe you listened to parents say “we can’t afford it” or you felt you hadn’t been good enough to deserve it. So you were taking steps forward in bringing it to you but taking steps back when you felt the doubt or felt undeserving. The key word here is FELT.

Thought processes, emotional connections, allowing and belief patterns all play an important part of this Law of Attraction. It isn’t just a conscious thought or ordering of something in your mind’s eye, it is more than that.

Firstly creating should be coming from a place of gratitude of what you already have, do the process when you feel happy and grateful. Otherwise you will be focusing on lack of something which is a whole different energy to feeling the world has shown you things to be grateful for.

Next clarity, get clear on what you want. If it’s a new job see it in all its levels. Where will it be? What are you doing? Why will you be doing it? Think about why you want it and why you believe it will come to you. Focus on one thing or scenario at a time. So it FEELS real.  Feel excited about it. The feeling part is extremely important. Out with doubt!

Check your beliefs because if you are feeling in any way not self-loving, worthy or deserving then you are working with limiting belief patterns. Maybe there are ideas of poverty, money being the root of all evil…allsorts, so be aware of your beliefs, values and what you really want to create in your life. You can clear many of these deep rooted beliefs with various therapies; Theta works well, working on your subconscious thoughts.

Some are just your conscious habitual thought patterns you have repeated over and over and are now rooted in your inner dialogue. So clear old patterns and unlock yourself from staying here when you want to be there.

BELIEVE to RECEIVE. Allow it into your life. Go with gratitude, thankfulness, happiness, clarity, focus, clearing old patterns of beliefs, allowing and receiving. Then start again by being grateful for what you receive and thankful.

Have no thoughts of lack, no doubt, no comparing to others. It’s about commitment to you, driving your own life, your choices, your changes, and your design. It isn’t about figuring out how it comes, it is focussing on the deliberate creative thought process with the power of emotion behind it.

My favourite saying is “The World is full of wonderful surprises” it just popped into my mind one day and I believed it with all my heart. I received a pot plant, a free spa day pass and a tax refund!!

Law of Attraction is called a Law for a reason… it won’t budge, follow the rules and see what happens. Now you have your bags packed with the right tools, I wish you happy travel from HERE to THERE.


Patricia McDowallA natural intuitive since childhood Patricia McDowall, has held various spiritual roles helping people for over 25 years. Caring for family members in her late teens and twenties and following challenges of loss of parents, career, home and marriage by age 25, she searched for healing herself. Patricia began rebuilding her life and took a person centred counselling course and then studied for an open degree covering Health and Social Care, Learning for All, World Religions, Psychology and Philosophy of Mind. Her interest in ancient traditions and healing lead her to train in holistic therapies as a Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Journaling Therapist and more recently as a Spiritual Life Coach. Her connections to Spirit lead to her channelled book 50 Letters from Spirit, A Call to Awaken published in 2018.  Since 2019 Patricia has been writing articles which offer guidance from Spirit, methods to embrace the positive and work through challenge and help enable people to reach their full potential. She speaks at well-being festivals in the UK and facilitates workshops.



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