Primary Blocks to Your Intuitive Skills
by Tina Zion

Be Your Own Medical Intuitive

The blocks that I will discuss here are the primary ones that come up in all of my workshops and my private mentoring sessions. These are the most common struggles that I hear from people all over the world. These issues get in the way of people who yearn to do medical intuition but who struggle, in some manner, to get where they want to be. These are the primary blockages that prevent you from becoming an exceptional healer for your own life.

Your Worries or Outright Fears

Seeing Non-Physical Beings – I am here to tell you that deceased people are everywhere. They are at your work, in the yard, in your car, in your house, and at the stores where you shop. They are already everywhere because they are a natural part of life. We are living and breathing in the non-physical world, and it is constantly all around us and within us. You are a spirit right now, and there are spirits everywhere coming and going because they are just as alive as you are. You are a spirit among spirits. So allow yourself to perceive them. You already know they are there, don’t you?

Being Overwhelmed – A common question is, “What if the spirit world takes over my life?” You will notice more as you allow yourself to notice. But the most fascinating thing is that spirits will do exactly what you tell them to do. They will do what you ask because they are real people. For example, if you asked your friend to leave the room for fifteen minutes, they might think it is strange, but they would politely leave the room. It is exactly the same if you are dealing with a dead person. They will do what you say so you must take care to say exactly what you really want them to do.

Life Might Change – Your life will change because you will be living at a more aware and more understanding life than ever before. You will understand what lies underneath other people’s struggles because you have a more profound understanding of what makes you tick, and you will look out of your own eyes at the world in completely different ways.

Failure to Become Intuitive – What happens if you think you have failed? Well, there really is no failure. Becoming more intuitive is about noticing the very subtle signal from the Universe. It is all about noticing or not noticing. Life is about a choice between learning and then improving based on what we’ve learned, or stopping and not moving forward. Every split second in our lives is a choice.

Being Wrong – If you are wrong in some way, then immediately examine how you think you are wrong. What steps did you take or not take? Learn to notice in a different way.

Making It All Up – This is one of my favorite struggles to hear from someone because it is so vitally important to every single medical intuitive. Hear this now: It will never stop feeling like you made it up, imagined it, or dreamed it up. It will never stop feeling that way. Intuition is real, but it will always feel like your imagination because it is information from the non-physical realms. It is not going to be solid like we are accustomed to perceiving in the physical realm that we live in.

Am I Worthy to Receive Intuitive Insights?

I was so surprised when I first heard this particular worry and concern. It had never occurred to me that someone would question if they were good enough. Intuition is truly only information. Granted, it is information from the non-physical life around you, but it is still only information. Do not think of it as something else.

You are also frequently receiving information from spirit guides, angels, and even archangels. You might become aware of Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha, or any other revered entity. Hear this: If they come to you, then it was their decision and not yours. That in itself tells you how worthy you are. You are in control. It is imperative that you allow yourself to receive the intuition.

The Spirit World Might Dominate Me

Now this is a legitimate thought but does not need to be a worry or a fear. They are often confused, demanding, unaware, still feeling sick, and yes, even dead people can be afraid. The good news is . . . they will do what you direct them to do. If you realize that you are in charge of a situation with a spirit person, there is nothing to be afraid or worried about. They are not more powerful than you are. They are really just another human in the room. If they come to you, it is because they need or want something.

Loving Intuitive Wisdom or the Spirit World So Much that You May Want to Leave the Physical World

Being an intuitive and a medical intuitive is much more than interacting with dead people. The more you allow yourself to notice the non-physical world, the more you will love it. You will love it because you, as a human, are non-physical and physical at the exact same time. It brings the depth of balance that most people have been searching for throughout their lives. You will not want to leave your current life, but you will realize how alive people are even after their death. The more you receive intuition into your daily life, you will realize a richness that you have never experienced before. If life is like your cake, intuition is the luscious icing on your cake. You will feel more alive than you have ever been before.

What if Family or Friends Find Out I am Intuitive?

I have noticed over many years that families are often alarmed at first when they find out you have been doing healings for yourself. People tend to judge and criticize the things they know the least about. If you do decide to share this part of your life with them then it is the exact time for you to become the teacher. Give them little bits of information at a time. I have seen this time and time again. When family and friends realize your accuracy and your healing abilities, they begin to sense the wonderment of it all and then they hold a respect for you.

I Have Already Experienced Strange Things and I Do Not Want That to Happen Again

People frequently tell me that they have already had spiritual experiences that either terribly frightened them or they terribly frightened their family members. They go on to explain that they have seen inside of themselves and found something dark, or they have known about events that then actually happened in real life. They might know when someone is pregnant before the woman even knows. These are just a few examples.

My response is this: “If you do not want to be aware of those things, then what has brought you to me? Working with me will absolutely heighten your abilities.” And with a surprised look on their face they often say, “Oh, I guess you are right. I guess I really want to understand what I am getting and not be afraid of these psychic things when they happen.” Then I respond, “Great, that is exactly what will happen as we work together!”

What if I Am Not Normal Anymore?

Living with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the non-physical world at the exact same time is the truest balance of all. You will be differently awake, knowledgeable, and mindful. You will be more powerfully aware, and this will be your new normal. Once you allow yourself to tap into the intelligence of cosmos, you will not be the same again. You will be more.

Excerpted from Be Your Own Medical Intuitive: Healing Your Body and Soul © 2021 by Tina M. Zion. All rights reserved. Published by WriteLife Publishing (an Imprint of Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company).

Tina Zion Tina Zion is the globally acclaimed award-winning author of three medical intuitive books. Become a Medical Intuitive won 1st Place Gold from the Body Mind Spirit Book Awards in 2019 and Advanced Medical Intuition won the 2020 COVR Visionary Award along with 5 star ratings on Amazon. She is also the author of two Reiki books, The Reiki Teacher’s Manual and Reiki and Your Intuition. Her latest book is Be Your Own Medical Intuitive (October 2021).
Tina’s books sell in over 40 countries and have been #1 in Canada and Australia.
She teaches in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, Canada, Mexico and throughout the USA. She is also a contributing author in Michael Newton’s book, Memories of the Afterlife. Tina has taught self-development courses for 30 years and specifically has specialized in medical intuition for over 10 years, always with 100% stunning reviews by her students. For more information, please visit and follow Tina on Facebook and Twitter.


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