Our Passionate Love Affair With Life
by Neal Grace


All of us are on a journey of self-discovery—even when we are not consciously involved with this path. We are learning more about who we are every day through a multitude of actions, thoughts and experiences. Life keeps nudging us forward, as if it had a premeditated plan designed just for us. Through our daily interactions with others, we learn how to effectively manage our emotions—how to communicate successfully and how to produce a desired outcome with another person.

What keeps us moving inexorably on the path of awareness is our passionate love affair with life. In our genes and in the hidden facets of our being is a spark of light that remains undimmed by the most blighted and horrific set of conditions. We are inherently designed to keep moving, to keep pushing forward into the raw experiences of the world. Sometimes we get tripped up by our own low self-esteem, but we keep plowing onward to discover places of inner serenity and fulfillment.

The spirit within us is our best friend. What I mean by this is that the special force keeping you and me alive is our spirit animating us with life. This spirit has a vested interest in keeping us pumping and thriving and flourishing in the midst of a tumultuous world. If we could only remember this truth, we would not be so demolished by the roiling seas of society! The lesson here is to honor and cherish who we are, especially in the challenging moments of upset and disappointment. It is our responsibility to be our own champion, giving ourselves the resources to continue on in a state of harmony and joy! As autumn gets closer, we shift our energy just as the earth shifts on its axis. Things inside us begin to awaken that vault us forward in our quest of the divine. We pause as the winds of autumn remind us of change.

Autumn leaves transform into vibrant colors. And so do we when our minds are open and when we are willing to take charge of our destiny. How we do this is simple: We claim our freedom; we apply practical solutions to issues; we take care of our bodies; we cultivate inspiring, uplifting friendships; we keep adding fuel to the fire of appreciation by seeing the beauty everywhere in the world. We are willing to leap into the unknown with implicit trust that life is on our side. We have an ally in life. We cannot allow the world to diminish our resolve to love life, to walk calmly and excitedly into the new beginning this season engenders.

There are no valid excuses to blame for our hurts and disappointments. The gift of life itself is infinitely greater than all the accumulated pain we have endured since we were born. Now, the only thing to do is apply this truth to our minds. Let’s summon the energy of the heart into the present moment. Do this through meditation and affirmations. Do this as a practice that will serve and galvanize you in your daily dance through the Cosmos.


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