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The Connected Creativity of Nature
by Julie J. Morley

Future Sacred The Connected Creativity of Nature by Julie J. MorleyJulie J. Morley offers a new perspective on the human connection to the cosmos by unveiling the connected creativity and sacred intelligence of nature. She rejects the “survival of the fittest” narrative—the idea that survival requires strife—and offers symbiosis and cooperation as nature’s path forward. Morley begins by documenting how indigenous cultures lived in relative harmony with nature because they perceived themselves as part of the “ordered whole” of all life—until modernity introduced dualistic thinking, thus separating mind from matter, and humans from nature. The author deconstructs the fallacy behind social and neo- Darwinism and the materialist theories of “dead matter” versus those that offer a connection with the sentient mind of nature. She presents evidence from complexity studies, cultural history, philosophy, indigenous spirituality, biomimicry, and ecology, highlighting the idea that nature’s intelligence and creativity abound everywhere—from cells to cetaceans, from hydrogen to humans, from sunflowers to solar panels—and that all sentient beings contribute to the evolution of life as a whole, working together in sacred symbiosis.

Morley concludes that our sacred future depends on compassionately understanding and integrating multiple intelligences, seeing relationships and interdependence as fundamental and sacred, as well as honoring the experiences of all sentient beings. Instead of “mastery over nature,” we must shift toward synergy with nature—and with each other as diverse expressions of nature’s creativity.


STOLEN HARVEST The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply by Vandana ShivaSTOLEN HARVEST

The Hijacking of the
Global Food Supply
by Vandana Shiva
University Press of Kentucky

For the farmer, the seed is not merely the source of future plants and food; it is a vehicle through which culture and history can be preserved and spread to future generations. For centuries, farmers have evolved crops and produced an incredible diversity of plants that provide life-sustaining nutrition. This productive tradition, however, is under attack as globalized, corporate regimes increasingly exploit intellectual property laws to annex these sustaining seeds and remove them from the public sphere.

In Stolen Harvest, Vandana Shiva explores the devastating effects of commercial agriculture and genetic engineering on the food we eat, the farmers who grow it, and the soil that sustains it. This prescient critique and call to action covers some of the most pressing topics of this ongoing dialogue, from the destruction of local food cultures and the privatization of plant life, to unsustainable industrial fish farming and safety concerns about corporately engineered foods. The preeminent agricultural activist and scientist of a generation, Shiva implores the farmers and consumers of the world to make a united stand against the genetically modified crops and untenable farming practices that endanger the seeds and plants that give us life.

Short Stories of Modern Day Enlightenment
by Ariel and Shya Kane

Filled with inspirational stories from people of all ages, nationalities and professions, readers will find wisdom, empowerment and proven strategies for success in all aspects of their lives. Being Here…Too provides practical, easy and simple tools, illustrated through 36 true stories told by real, everyday people. Providing a roadmap for living an enlightened life in this busy, complex world, the book’s themes include forgiveness, achieving career goals, parents and parenting, having healthy relationships, and dealing with illness, loss and death.

LITTLE PENCIL FINDS HIS FOREVER FRIENDS A Rhyming Pencil Grip Picture Book by Christine Calabrese. Illustrated by Maria Victoria FloresLITTLE PENCIL FINDS HIS FOREVER FRIENDS
A Rhyming Pencil Grip Picture Book
by Christine Calabrese. Illustrated by Maria Victoria Flores or

Little Pencil Finds His Forever Friends is an adorable educational book perfect for preschoolers learning how to properly hold a pencil. Little Pencil enviously watches all the other toys and tools in the classroom having fun, wishing he had something to do, too. Fortunately he meets some fingers who become his Forever Friends, helping him learn to write all day. Little ones will cherish this large-format, richly-illustrated book, with smooth rhyming that’s easy to read and follow. They’ll be cheering for Little Pencil when he finally has something to do and will want to use their own pencils after reading his story! Working hard, not giving up, being productive – and the joy these bring – are key underlying themes.

And yes, despite the prevalence of keypads these days, pencil/pen grip is still an essential skill. We will always have uses for handwritten notes – and the easier the grip, the longer a child can write, the better it looks, and the more self-esteem it creates. Included is a free Teaching/Activity Guide with five days of aligned lessons and links to resources (crafts, activities, songs, and more).



Olbas originated in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago and continues to be a European and worldwide favorite. The natural, essential oils and ingredients used in Olbas make them effective and unique. There are eight remedies in all, three of which are reviewed below. Incidentally, I sold these products for many years when I owned and operated my natural food stores:

Oil (two uses): Inhalation – vapors quickly clear the head bringing fast relief when suffering from a cold, flu, or allergies. Massage – provides fast relief, penetrating deeply to soothe aches and pains from backache, arthritis, muscle strains, bruises, sprains and tired sore feet.

Inhaler: helps clear sinuses fast when suffering from colds, allergies, hay fever or low humidity. Improves athletic performance by enhancing oxygen intake and free breathing. Non-habit forming. No decongestant drugs. Works wonders!

Lozenges: Tasty Black Current lozenges help ease coughs due to colds and minor bronchial irritation. Their natural anesthetic action provides instant, cool, soothing relief for sore throats. Sugarfree, gluten-free, vegetarian friendly with no added color.