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Is it Giving … or Barter?
by Brenda Shoshanna, PhD – New York City

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The Holiday Season is upon us. Many are planning holiday dinners, meetings and thinking about gifts. Oddly, this often causes anxiety and sorrow, rather than delight. Most of us give with one hand and then wait to see the outcome. Did our gift have the intended consequence? Is the person we gave to grateful? Will […]


The Emotionally Healthy Child
by Maureen Healy – Santa Barbara, CA

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Our children feel things deeply, including surprise, delight, disgust, anger, frustration, revenge, jealousy, and enthusiasm. They often don’t even have the words to communicate their feelings, which is why they sometimes act them out inappropriately, but once they learn what emotions are and how they work, and apply a method to release them constructively, they […]


5G Technology is Coming to Town (and has already landed in others)
by Citizens for 5G Awareness

cell phone

These are called “small cells.” The 4-foot cylinder at the top contains cell antennas that emit pulsed modulated radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF radiation), while the large metal box near the bottom contains a host of equipment. Hundreds of these have been placed on new and existing utility poles throughout Long Island, NY and elsewhere, in […]


A Fundamental Problem with 5G:
No Choice!
by Doug Wood

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Across the country, telecom companies are rolling out the next generation of wireless technology, placing small but powerful wireless transmitters on utility poles in neighborhoods from Maine to California. Many consumers seem eager for the faster connectivity speeds promised by telecoms, but others are concerned about an issue that is beginning to get a lot […]


Raising Your Vibration = Raising Your Consciousness
by Andrea Randa Garvey

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The Continuum of Consciousness: | ———————————————————————— | Lowest Vibrations                      Highest Vibrations As we exist on the material plain in a state of duality, at any given moment we will find ourselves as a dot on the “Continuum of Consciousness.” We find that higher vibration thoughts, such as joy, love, and peace, raise our vibration, expanding […]