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How Mindful Mompreneurship is Making an Impact
by Maria Gavriel – Manhasset, NY

It’s a new era. A time when the craving for something different…more fulfilling, and meaningful is trumping everything. It’s a pivotal moment that’s cultivating deeper conversations in classrooms, boardrooms, and even bedrooms – often fueled by a mom’s deeper desire for something Bigger…more Purposeful, and Impactful. This deeper drive, is creating trends that reveal how […]


Rethinking Consciousness and What It Means to Be Human
by Mark Gober

Rethinking Consciousness and What It Means to Be Human by Mark Gober According to Science magazine (2005), the #2 question remaining question in all of science is: “What is the biological basis of consciousness?” In other words, how does physical, seemingly unconscious matter (such as a brain) produce a non-physical consciousness? We have no idea […]


5G: A Toxic Assault on the Planetary Web of Life
by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND, DD (Doctor of Divinity)

cell tower and brain waves

Dear People of the World, this scientific article outlining the potentially disastrous consequences of 5G and 20,000 satellites beaming 5G onto our planet, is to both inform you and also to ask each reader to take action by sharing this article with all your friends around the world with the intent of creating a tidal […]