Talking Our Walk December/January

For every bit of chaos that lands in our local or global world, we can still choose to focus our attention on the goodness that exists.

~ Selina Maitreya

How many times have we heard this? So much of our inner peace and happiness comes down to our choice. In our lead article, My Response to Difficulties, Selina Maitreya furthers this saying, “… what we choose to put our attention on in response to what we see, is the key to having a peaceful life instead of one of misery.”

This piece, like a wonderful poem, says so much in so few words. I’m not breaking any new ground here when I say we all desire more peace in our lives. Read this article and pass it around the holiday table, focusing on the good in our lives and in the world.

Owen Waters reveals, The Secret of Personal Magnetism. Can’t give everything away here, but the answer may have something to do with the heart.

Our buddy, Alan Cohen teaches, You Can Prosper Wildly—Without Selling Your Soul. Crossing the bridge from soul-expression to success confirms they are one in the same.

A crucially important message from John Gilmore: You Can’t Fight For Your Rights and Hide at the Same Time. We’re talking beyond health-freedom rights here — we’re talking about our basic human rights! John says the days of keeping our mouths shut and flying under the radar are over. Either we stand up and protect ourselves and our families against forced medical interventions “or get ready to roll up your children’s sleeves.” This is a blatant violation of the Nuremburg Code, an ethical doctrine (established after the WWII Nazi Germany atrocities) whereby a patient is enabled to make an informed and voluntary decision about accepting or declining medical care.

Another vitally important offering: Marla Peck delivers an Open Letter imploring us to protect ourselves from a massive unleashing of a technology that will blanket our entire planet. This latest “wonder” promises to make our lives better, yet has NOT been proven safe. Conversely, it has been characterized by Gabriel Cousens, MD, as “an assault on the planetary web of life.”

If you’ve visited our October / November online edition ( you may have read When You’re Sick, Be a Sick Person. If you haven’t visited yet, stop by and join our 50,000 plus monthly online visitors. This article painfully “hits” home as I type minus one working finger. My ill-advised baseball decision, lead me to get hit with the pitch, smashing the tip of my right index finger. In ways I don’t remember experiencing, this injury has deeply affected me; well-beyond the ever-present nagging discomfort and inconvenience. From a Zen perspective, Brenda Shoshanna says, “Without complaining, simply accept the condition as it is. Stop hating and judging the moment and yourself. The more you can do this, the sooner things will evolve and the more joyful your life will become.” Yes, that … and remembering to hit the ball with my bat and not with my hand 🙂

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Peace All-ways,

Neil & Andrea