Talking Our Walk

Welcome to our June / July Summer “Men’s” Issue.

This time around we focus on Balanced Masculinity, Fathers, Abundance & Prosperity. In this column we’re sharing a reader’s response to an article from the April / May Issue:

Letter to the Editor:

Forget about …


I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt that this poorly written anti-vax tirade “Forget About Covid, They Say” by Jeffrey Tucker does not reflect your opinions, even though there was no disclaimer. Either way I was totally turned off by this article. Will never pick up your publication again, even though it is free. Forget about Creations Magazine.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Regardless of individual viewpoints, we always greatly appreciate hearing from our readers. Re a “Disclaimer” we’ve always included that at the bottom of this page in our credits box. Although the text is a bit small, it states: The opinions and information presented are not necessarily the viewpoints of Creations Magazine. They are offered to promote awareness, consideration and discussion. I’d say this article has achieved at least one of these stated objectives: “discussion.”

Because you so strongly oppose this piece, we’re especially grateful to hear from you. While you say this is a “poorly written anti-vax tirade,” we say this is a skillfully crafted, well-balanced reflection by Jeffrey Tucker on the government’s response to the events of these two-past years. In our editorial judgment, this jumped out as Mr. Tucker’s intention: It’s not about left and right. We need a new understanding of public health, bodily autonomy, and essential liberties. We view Mr. Tucker’s piece not as “anti” anything. Alternately, he is pro people, ALL people — and that includes you and everyone you care about.

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Enjoy this event, and all the abundance of summer!

Peace All-ways,

Neil & Andrea