Talking Our Walk

Welcome to the April – May Spring / “Women’s” Issue. We celebrate and honor Women, Moms, the Divine Feminine, Earth, the Environment, and Rebirth.

Letters to the Editor

Not surprisingly, we received several comments re our column in the Feb/ March ’23 Issue, referring to the Bills pending in the New York State Legislature. Most of them echoed John’s sentiments:

Hi Neil,
In the February/March Talking Our Walk —thanks to you and Andrea for providing a list of horrendous vaccine related Bills proposed by the NYS Legislature. This is exactly the kind of information that people need to be made aware of. Continually. It is SO ON. And the sad part is that most people have no idea who is actually driving the ship, and what their real agenda is all about.
Keep up the great work,
John, New York City

There was one dissenting voice. Our email exchange follows:

Reader: I’m curious, then (it wasn’t 100% clear in your Editorial): are you guys antivaxxers? Across the board?

CM: As we had stated, in our column, Andrea & I are pro medical freedom and bodily autonomy. We are opposed to any and all forced medical procedures. Every adult / parent must be completely free to decide for themselves and their children regarding their very personal and private choice of medical care. The HIPAA Rules* were established in part to protect such privacy.

* The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.

Reader’s response: That was brilliantly evasive. I don’t think these types of things CAN be decided in a bubble, because your decision/action affects everyone else. I get your perspective, but I do not, in this case, agree with it. Especially parents on children … it’s one thing deciding for themselves, but imposing their beliefs on their offspring is similarly problematic.

Not wanting to get entrapped in a circular discussion, Andrea and I chose not to continue this exchange. Creations Magazine is not in the business of trying to convince anyone of anything. However, we do find this statement perplexing: Parents…imposing their beliefs on their offspring is problematic. Andrea and I are parents. Who was supposed to have made virtually every decision for our little ones? Should we have let the toddlers decide; or the 9 and 13 year-olds? Or the government?

“Problematic” for us is the mass rush and acceptance to label folks anti-this or that. I don’t play or watch soccer. Does that make me anti-soccer? I don’t particularly care for opera, however, my wife is a professionally trained Mezzo-Soprano. Following the pervasive thinking, I suppose that would make me “anti- Andrea.” A bit ridiculous, yes? Really, it is ok for us to retain our individuality.

(BTW, I do love sports and music— and my wife!)

Happy Spring! Happy Mother’s Day! Happy 2023 Baseball season!

Neil & Andrea