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by Erich von Däniken

Erich von Däniken published his first (and best-known) book, Chariots of the Gods, in 1968. Evolution Is Wrong is a fascinating exploration on why the Darwinists’ Theory no longer explains everything. There was once a set of ideas called the “theory of evolution” conceived by clever people and confirmed by countless scientists. Then people discovered the electron microscope. This made it possible to make the molecules within the cell visible, and suddenly questions about evolution arose that were not possible before. Which force actually bundles the atoms in the right order? What moves the molecular chains into the correct position? How did the first living unit within the cell actually come about? How does inheritance work, how does information pass on to the next generation? Did humans descend only and exclusively from primates—as Charles Darwin and countless other great minds assumed— or did additional “engines” intervene in evolution?

Today it is clear: countless questions can no longer be answered with the previous theory of evolution. There is a form of life called “Blob” Physarum polycephalum). The “thing” has neither eyes nor ears, neither a mouth nor a nose or even a brain. Nevertheless, it takes in food, overcomes obstacles by the shortest route and exchanges information with other “blobs.” The “blob” contradicts any evolutionary thought that one develops from the other. Or the “gastric-broodingfrogs” (Rheobatrachus) found in Australia. They hatch their young in the stomach. Impossible in a slow, evolutionary process. Erich von Däniken uses countless examples to demonstrate the impossibility of the previous evolutionary idea. He quotes scientists who argue against the previous teaching, but also those who defend it. Unfortunately, established science still refuses to look at discrepancies and holes in the theory of evolution, even though it is quite obvious that there is more going on with regard to the development of all species, as well as human culture, than could be explained by the theory of evolution alone.


HACKING THE GOD CODE The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul by Patricia CoriHACKING THE GOD CODE
The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul
by Patricia Cori

Hacking the God Code delivers what author Patricia Cori calls a “booster shot of truth” to all who are ready to hear it. She states, “It exposes the sinister web of lies and manipulation that has been perpetrated upon humanity at all levels of society and the institutions we have been taught to trust. At this time of incredible upheaval, I expose the tactics of a corrupt and unfathomably ruthless global cabal, whose aim it is to enslave us by destroying our precious DNA connection to God-Source energy.” With “the determination of an investigative journalist and the passion of a spiritual warrior,” Cori brings to light “the agenda of the New World Order and its Global Reset, and how it is targeting every soul on this planet.” With her unshakable belief that the truth shall set us free from even the darkest manifestations against the human race, Cori offers critical solutions for healing, for finding the strength to fight back, and for manifesting a clear direction for the light teams among us to be empowered and liberated from fear for their health, the future of their children and their very lives. “Leveraging the power of sacred geometry and sound, meditation and visualization, we can regain our sovereignty and harness the invincible power of God/Source to banish the forces of evil from our sacred Mother Earth,” she said. “And to do that is not only our right, it is our destiny.”


by Erica Spiegelman

101 Affirmations For Addiction & Recovery is a complete collection of personal affirmations for those in need of healing from current or previous addictions. Touching on vital topics like coping skills, setting healthy boundaries and embracing authenticity, these affirmations closely align with the Rewired Program, a best-selling series of recovery tools that are used worldwide in the treatment of addiction. Every day, we have the opportunity to form new neural pathways based on our experiences— and unlock the door to successful recovery from addiction. By reframing our situation in ways positive, uplifting and empowering, we learn to nurture and support ourselves with proper selfcare while we work to develop healthy behaviors and attitudes. 101 Affirmations For Addiction & Recovery will help conquer negative self-thinking, banish selfdoubt, and help create a vision of hope.


THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING Interfaith 21st Century Edition by Norman Vincent Peale with Hasan Abdullah IsmaikTHE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING
Interfaith 21st Century Edition
by Norman Vincent Peale
with Hasan Abdullah Ismaik

The Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s inspirational The Power of Positive Thinking is one of the most influential books of modern times. It has sold more than twenty-four million copies worldwide and been translated into forty-two languages. It quotes generously from the Christian Bible. This Interfaith 21st Century Edition of the classic is annotated with analogous quotes from the Quran, the Hebrew Bible, and the modern Christian New King James Version Bible to resonate with people of all faiths, awakening them to the shared philosophy and beliefs of the three Abrahamic religions— Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—and provide a unifying and universal voice in our polarized world. Hasan Abdullah Ismaik’s humanitarian interests include promoting harmony between the East and West; supporting religious discourse, and international cooperation, conflict resolution, and stability in the Middle East. Mr. Ismaik seeks to strengthen the bonds of love and understanding between believers around the world.


Organic Plant-Based Superfood

Declared one of the ‘Best Greens Powders of 2022’ by Forbes Health, Nested Naturals Super Greens Original is a blend of organic superfoods plus dairyfree probiotics, fiber and enzymes. Now you can supercharge your day with energy, immune support and healthy digestion–the whole works–in just one scoop. Nested Naturals has done all the research, formulation and sourcing to create a comprehensive, premium quality, organic, vegan, awesome super greens blend. The blend of fruits and vegetables in Super Greens Original is ground into a fine powder to give you a potent boost of micronutrients that can be absorbed by the body quickly and easily. Proper intake of fruits and vegetables in a well-balanced diet helps to promote overall health and wellness. Super Greens Original is non-GMO, Vegan and Certified Organic.