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My Dog … My Guru?
by Milissa Castanza Seymour – Bethpage, NY

lotus bud

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France A little white dog ran into a stall so fast he climbed onto my lap, reaching up to cover my face with kisses. He had a funny run like an animated reindeer in the 1960’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. […]


Thomas Jefferson – A Deeper Perspective by Harry Swanson
by Harry Swanson

Jefferson home and statue

We owe tremendous thanks to our Founding Fathers for the gifts of liberty that we enjoy today. Thomas Jefferson is one of those Founders at the top of that list. Jefferson lived a fulfilled life being known for many professions and titles. He also served as a diplomat, lawyer, architect and could speak several languages. […]


Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Reactors Are An Act Of War Against Our Health
by Dr. Helen Caldicott

Nuclear power. There are two processes that create electricity from nuclear power – fission and fusion – and both possess bone-chilling technology to develop plutonium – the fuel for highly destructive nuclear weapons that can destroy not just our health but humankind. As a physician practicing global preventive medicine, I’ve spent much of my career […]


Dental Phobia by Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS, FACD, FPFA, DABOI, MAGD, FAAID, FICOI

In health care, as in life, small problems require small solutions. If you neglect them and wait too long, those small problems lead to bigger issues that can lead to catastrophic events, requiring extensive and expensive treatments. COVID certainly validated this phenomenon. Many times, this neglect is through no fault of the patient. Dental phobia […]


Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: Supercharged Dental Healing
by Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM

The origins of modern dentistry can be traced back to the historical connection between barbers and dental care. In the Middle Ages, barbers were not only responsible for cutting hair but also performed surgical procedures, including tooth extractions and bloodletting. This association continued into the 18th century when advancements in dental science luckily led to […]


Bringing Mindfulness to the Schools
by Carin Winter

crowd of children doing yoga

Mindfulness has gained significant popularity in mainstream media over the past decade, and rightfully so. Stress has become a prevalent issue in our society, yet schools often prioritize academic achievement and physical exercise as means of managing stress, overlooking the importance of nurturing our minds. As a former school social worker at a high school […]


Beyond Lyme Disease: Steps to Take for Tick Season by Sandra Lee, CEO, NJ Labs


Although a tick can bite you at any time, tick season is at its worst from April to October. Ticks are those annoying pests that can latch onto you or your pet’s skin and can spread diseases. When most people think about ticks they typically worry about Lyme disease, but there are many other tick-borne […]


How Open Monitoring Meditation Enhances Creativity 
by Ronald Alexander, PhD

Core Creativity: The Mindful Way to Unlock Your Creative Self

 Given the pace of radical change in the world today, what we need right now is creativity. Mindfulness meditation can help increase our awareness of what’s happening in the moment. It helps us develop greater insight and wisdom, and ultimately, achieve an open mind where we can access our witness state — or as I […]


Learning is Constant—To the Journey’s End
by Annette Cravera Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

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Everything we do involves learning. To doubt that is to deny our purpose of existence. We exist to feel, to think, to anticipate and plan, to interpret and decide on consequential and non-consequential matters in our life. Our life has purpose because of the learning involved. We evolve as souls through our experiences, especially emotional, […]


Togetherness not Otherness is a Remedy for Global Healing
by Rebecca Ward

The Paper Tiger Syndrome

Human beings have an infinite capacity to be kind, generous and supportive of one another. When that happens, I call it the huddle effect. It often occurs when people need support during a crisis. Suddenly, we realize how much we need each other. Recently, my neighborhood experienced a massive blackout—our public utility shut off all […]