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The Challenge of Surviving Childhood Abuse
by Rory D. Kaplan – New York

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Child abuse is a significant societal problem that in most cases exists behind closed doors. The devastating psychological and emotional effects the trauma has on its victims can last a lifetime. Though difficult, recovery is possible. Speaking out and exposing the devastation caused are critical steps to addressing and dealing with it. While my siblings […]


A Polyvagal Healing: In From Across the Sound
by Diane Lundegaard – Dix Hills, NY

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The Island endures rich with its offerings, one of which is the sound of cove music as the wind breezes in through the grass harps along the edge of the Sunken Meadow. The soft steady notes of those musical reeds helps to lull Catherine to sleep. At dawn, its magical chime helps draw her from […]


The Road To Splitsvile
by Jeffrey S. Stephens and Ronald Raymond

The Road to Splitsville

The following is an excerpt from THE ROAD TO SPLITSVILLE by Jeffrey S. Stephens and Ronald Raymond As you move through your divorce and toward your new life, it will be incredibly helpful if you take some time to identify the qualities about which you and your partner were in synch from early on, and […]


The Ultimate Relationship: When “Nourishment” Means Self-Care / Self-Love
by Sandy Robertson

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There is so much in the media about food. Trending photos, diets, ways to eat, ways to fast, what is good, what is bad. People feel pressure…”am I eating right for me?” But they may be slightly missing the point. They should also be asking themselves: “why do I want to eat this right now […]


How Time is Changing
by Owen Waters – Texas

Part of The Shift to the New Reality involves a change in our experience of the passage of time. People often comment on how time seems to be passing much faster today than it did just 10 or 20 years ago. It’s not because we’re getting older; it’s because our experience of time is changing. […]


You Are Part of an Exiting Time on the Planet
by Ann Albers and The Angels – Phoenix, AZ

Every moment that you spend attuning to the thoughts that give you joy is a moment closer to having your desires appear in your life. Resolve this year that you will give yourselves permission to find thoughts and things to feel good about, no matter the circumstances around you. We are not predicting gloom and […]


Mouthwash: Friend or Foe?
by Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS, FACD, FPFA, DABOI, MAGD, FAAID, FICOI

If I were to offer you a magic mouthwash that would be the single thing you have to do to have fresh breath, clean, white teeth, and healthy gums, would you be interested? Turns out that the mouthwash industry is a billion-dollar business. Yet, I wonder if it’s really effective — but more importantly, does […]


Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: A Bad Filling
by Dr. Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM

A 16-year-old girl recently came to Integrative Dental Specialists seeking a second opinion after experiencing persistent biting pain following a filling placed by her regular dentist. The original dentist recommended a root canal, a concern confirmed by a local dental root canal specialist. However, the parents wisely decided to explore further dental options. Fortunately, it […]


Spring-Forward, Fall-Back Daylight Savings: Adverse Effects Worsened by Blue-Enriched LED Lights
by Martin Moore-Ede, M.D., Ph.D.


A recent Circadian Light Research Center survey confirms humans are highly sensitive to blue-enriched LEDs and excessive blue-rich light leads to many major health disorders. Each year, as people try to adjust to daylight savings Heart attacks increase by 17-24% Older patients have 20% more strokes Fatal traffic accidents rise by 6%. BOSTON (February 23, […]


6 Indicators for Healthy Relationships
by Rhonda Sciortino

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When your situation is difficult or downright painful, your life will be better if you turn your attention to caring about others instead of waiting for and hoping that someone will care about you. When you feel sad or depressed, don’t wait for someone to be kind to you. Instead, find someone to be kind […]