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Gum Health … to Go!
by Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS, FACD, FPFA, DABOI, MAGD, FAAID, FICOI

Most of you have read a few things about gum disease. Some of you have seen a gum specialist or periodontist for a consultation or treatment. I have written articles about traditional treatment, alternative, biomimetic, minimally invasive, biological, and advanced, high tech treatment. But, what about supplemental support? Our bodies have an innate ability to […]


by Andrea Garvey – South Carolina

yoga pose

As we work though our yoga practice, there are times when we feel we have reached a plateau – that place where everything seems to have leveled out and not much is happening. It may frustrate us and so we try even harder and then may become even more frustrated when we don’t see the […]


How YOU Make the World a Better Place
by Owen Waters

hand holding a light bulb

One of the mysteries of quantum physics today is the fact that subatomic particles communicate with each other at speeds far greater than the speed of light. Apparently they weren’t listening to Einstein when he said that they’re not supposed to be able to do that. This phenomenon came to light in 1982 at the […]


The Simple Practice of Love – Zen and Relationships
by Brenda Shoshanna

Heart drawn in the sand

We all want love, are hungry for connection and recognition. We’re all secretly waiting for the perfect relationship, the chance to be accepted just as we are. But for many of us, relationships are difficult to find, difficult to keep and difficult to enjoy. We’re afraid of being rejected or hurt, or losing the love […]


Pleasure is Our True Nature
by Julia Paulette Hollenbery

Women in bath

We are hardwired from birth for sexual pleasure. Dr. Christiane Northrup, women’s health expert Beauty is truth, truth beauty John Keats, physician and poet Soul is the source of the erotic Roger Housden, spiritual writer Pleasure is our true nature. What if pleasure is already here, intrinsic to our life, and simply waiting for us […]


Prepare for Your Greatest Good
by Alan Cohen


I attended a lecture by Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Dr. Muller recounted an inspiring story about the time he received a notice that he had been drafted into the Nazi army. Being a compassionate pacifist, he had no desire or intention to fight with the Nazis. […]


How Processed Seed Oils Have Ushered in a New Age of Disease
by Joseph Mercola, MD

Hand cutting dominoes in half

The majority of Americans are being misled by official health recommendations to eat “healthy” vegetable oils. Even the term “vegetable oil” is misleading because it gives you the impression that you are receiving vegetable micro-nutrients when these oils are usually toxic, industrially processed seed oils. Seed oils are a key ingredient in processed foods and […]


Multidimensionality: What Lies Beyond 3D?
by LON

crowd of people walking

What lies beyond 3D? What is reality? Can we define it as an absolute, or is it perhaps different for everyone? If I ask you right now to tell me something that is real, what is the first thing that comes to mind? How do you know it is real? I asked my son this […]


Living Empathically
by Elaine Clayton

The Way of the Empath by Elaine Clayton

We are all sentient beings somewhere on an empathic spec­trum, feeling our way toward deeper knowing and seeking, toward compassionate understanding and intuitive aware­ness. Some are born with an innate sensitivity to their sur­roundings and those in it—a proclivity that allows them to feel the presence of life energy in the atmosphere around  both people […]


Social Media May Lead to Social Isolation
by Donna Martini -Oyster Bay

students on their phones

Thanks to social media, we are connecting with one another more now than ever before. Yet many Americans admit to feeling more alone. This makes sense considering we are not virtual beings; we are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings who need to relate in these humanistic ways. It’s possible that we believe we are […]