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Life Beyond Labels
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

person on top of ladder with binoculars

Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined. ~ Toni Morrison You have been taught that if you name something, you gain power over it. Yet this principle backfires when we become so fixated on giving things names that they gain power over us. The title of a book by Carlin Diamond brilliantly captures this […]


Mastering the Art of Appreciation
by Robyn Spizman – Atlanta, GA

Loving out loud begins with an awareness of what’s “right” around you. What’s right in your world and in your life, versus what’s wrong? If you look for the negative, you’ll find it. Focus on the good and the positive. Appreciate the Positives in Your Life Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, shy or […]


Seven Facets of Spiritual Awareness
by Owen K Waters – Texas

Life can be a treadmill of mundane details or it can be an inspiring adventure of uplifting experiences. Through the regular, daily practice of meditation, you can start each day by raising your frequency of consciousness above the mundane, work-a-day level into the spiritual realms of consciousness. Here are seven facets of spiritual awareness that […]


Addiction-free Naturally: Making It Through the Withdrawal Period
by Brigitte Mars – Boulder, CO

Addiction Free Naturally

If you’ve made the decision to kick your addiction, congratulations! A happier, healthier world is awaiting you. First, though, you have to get through the withdrawal period. Many people have multiple addictions, and may find it easier to tackle the most serious of them first—alcohol before tobacco and tobacco before chocolate, for example—but following the […]


Cool Sex
by Diana Richardson – Switzerland

Cool is not cold. In coldness you don’t care, you are separate from the experience. However, in cool we are very engaged. Usually when we use or hear the word cool in relation to a person, it implies a level of nonchalance, of having it all worked out, but in the sexual context cool means […]


Stupid is in the Mind of the Beholder by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY

Post after post on social media written by people willing to humiliate their peers, calling them stupid, selfish, and ignorant for not taking this new vaccine. Is this a new trend… be sheep or be shamed? Are we still allowed a heedful response to what we are being asked, possibly forced, to do to our […]


You Never Ask the Meaning of Life When You’re In Love
Falling In Love With All of Life
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

lotus flower

Most of us do not see the connection between Zen practice and love. But Zen is the practice of being in love with all of life, becoming one with it, no separation. We look for meaning everywhere, find it briefly and then it leaves. A sense of hollowness arises and this search can continue endlessly. […]


Our Pets Can Be Our Relationship Coaches
by Margit Gabriele Muller

woman petting dog

Pets are well-known to be our best companions who chase away our loneliness and social isolation. But they can do so much more for us than we usually think or know. They can be our role model for better relationships as they follow their instinct and are not blinded by external influences. But how can […]


How One Resilient Kicker Learned There Was More to Life Than the NFL
by Sean Conley – Pittsburgh, PA

The Point After

Professional sports aren’t about moderation. They’re about pushing your body to the extreme to achieve great things. Even as a young boy I felt that need to go beyond my limits and get better and better. My goal was to be a placekicker on an NFL team, a position that is as hard as any […]


Does My Insurance Cover It?

For those of us who have insurance, this is a great thing. When it comes to dental insurance, it is very different from medical insurance. Dental insurance has a lot of restrictions and rigid rules. They will pay a percentage for certain treatments and a different percentage for others. Copays range from as little as […]