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by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY

“Ridicruel” is what I call an opinion that is delivered with lambasting and name-calling because it is no longer thoughtful or heartfelt commentary. It’s just bullying and abuse. And when we engage in ridicruel, our goal is obviously not to share the best of ourselves. It is not to share wisdom, inspiration, knowledge, or information. […]


The Beautiful Struggle of Friendship Navigating the Waters in 2021
by Deborah Peretz – Smithtown, NY

In the best of times, friendships between women are strong, empowering and loving, and still at times contentious. We get through our differences and relish the beautiful relationships we have built. I have, and know many women who have, friendships spanning twenty, thirty, forty years and beyond.  Just like in a marriage, those relationships at […]


No Regrets Living
by Harley Rotbart, MD

The most important Key for No Regrets Living, and its true foundation, asks you to believe in something greater than yourself. Belief allows you to accommodate both joy and disappointment. No Regrets Living is not about what you believe, but that you believe, in an unknown and unknowable reality. Belief in something that can’t be […]


After COVID-19. Then what? New attitudes and tools for dealing with uncertainty, impatience and a new normal
by Cheryl Melody Baskin

The ramifications of COVID-19 continue to be challenging even to the most flexible and patient among us. For those who believe that COVID-19 has never been “a hoax,” we wake up in the morning thinking, “Is COVID-19 finally over? Almost over? Could be over? Will be over? What is the CDC saying and not saying? […]


The New Wasteland: COVID-19’s Shameful Legacy
by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD – Oakland, CA

Preview:  Discarded surgical masks strewn along the sidewalk aptly represent COVID-19’s lasting legacy. The federal medical bureaucracy’s response to the pandemic has resulted in a wasteland of lost economic and educational opportunities, psychologically damaged children, terminally lonely nursing home residents, and lives lost to suicide, illicit drug overdoses, and missed diagnoses. ____________________________________________________ Discarded surgical masks […]


 What “Self-Care” Really Means
by Laura Khoudari

Lifting Heavy Things: Healing Trauma One Rep at a Time

Self-care means different things to different people. It also means different things at different times to each person. Right now, self-care could mean treating yourself to a massage or doing Pilates three times a week on top of engaging in other healthy habits regularly. At other times, it could simply mean drinking enough water, bathing […]


Who Will You Be in 2021?
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

reflection of man in water

Many of us have lots of questions about what 2021 will bring. When will the pandemic end? Will I return to my job, or will I have to reinvent myself? Will the kids be able to get out of the house? Will I be allowed to go to a concert, travel, or visit my relatives? […]


Patience, Patience, Patience
by Ann Albers and the Angels

My dear friends, You have a saying on earth that “Patience is a virtue.” You understand intuitively that no matter how difficult life might be, you will weather it more easily with a bit of patience, for patience is a willingness to surrender yourself into the moment, to embrace the gifts and opportunities therein, and […]


My Cat is My Teacher
by Annette Cravera Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

Our animals spend time with us for a reason. They may come as a surprise, handed to us by a friend or lover, or even a truck driver stopped at a stoplight; or they may be hunted out, at animal shelters, pet shops or the internet—but they are always given to us because we need […]


Leave Your Fears Behind 
by Lawrence Doochin

A Book on Fear by Lawrence Doochin

Spiritual teachers have told us that life is unfolding in the now and that only the present moment exists. Scientists such as Albert Einstein have confirmed it. We think time is linear, but that’s because we don’t perceive the now. Our minds are constantly shifting from the past (memories) to the future (expectations). Both of these states of […]