Talking Our Walk

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a person and the life he or she leads?

~ Adapted from Albert Camus

Welcome to the February-March Relationships / Winter Issue. Andrew Harvey tells us that nothing is more important than a global Return to Joy. Living in sacred joy not only reflects the truth of absolute reality, but is the ultimate achievement a human being is capable of, and the ultimate sign that someone has awoken to their fundamental divine nature.

In romantic relationships, it’s easy to Fall in Love With a Fantasy. Brenda Shoshanna sets us straight saying that when we know everything about a person, and still love them … that is love.

In early January, I received an email detailing several bills that are currently under consideration in the New York State Legislature. Each of these bills listed below, if enacted, will deeply erode every New Yorker’s rights as a sovereign human being concerning their medical / bodily choices. Furthermore, many of these bills will also supersede parental rights when it comes to determining health care options for one’s own child! Similar bills are pending in other states as well. Please consider the following bills:

Additionally, Assemblyman Patrick Burke is reportedly planning to introduce a bill to eliminate unvaccinated people’s access to health insurance.

You can reach out to your Senators and Assembly Members online:

It will go straight to your representatives based on your address.

Many of us invest our time, energy and money to enjoy a healthy and vibrant life. Ultimately, it will mean little if we lose our bodily autonomy and parental rights. As our friend Debbie so plainly illustrated, “If your house is on fire, you’re not going to run for a green juice.”

Let us all enjoy a Happy, Healthy and Free 2023 and beyond,

Neil & Andrea