Talking Our Walk

Welcome to the December / January 2023 Holidays Edition!

This issue we’ve got a new addition to this “edition.” We are genuinely thrilled to introduce and welcome Vibration Magazine to the CREATIONS MAGAZINE family. Founder Paul Vibes and the Vibe Fest community are closely aligned with the values of our publication. Going forward, this “magazine within the magazine” will maintain a complementary presence augmenting our Resource offerings while infusing Creations’ readership with a new, and younger audience. [ Gotta get ‘em while they’re still impressionable 🙂 ]

What is the Vibe Fest Community? Paul from Vibration Magazine explains:

It’s a community on a mission. The spiritual, wellness, and artistic communities have come together to create a space where we can feel comfortable, safe, and free to express our most authentic selves. Leaving judgment at the door, we welcome all human beings of varying backgrounds and abilities to connect on a deeper level. We share a common goal to create a better world, build soul connections and have fun doing it! Integral to the Vibe community is to support each other’s businesses and new ideas — involving everyone in our events to share their unique talents, because we wholeheartedly believe in each other and this mission we are co-creating. Please take a stroll through pages 21–23 and get acquainted with Vibration Magazine.

Our cover title asks 911 From Your Soul: Will You Make the Call? “For each of us,” Jeanine Thompson says, “there will come a time when our Soul longs to birth something for us and through us.” Often it’s what we’ve been most strongly resisting, and fearing. However, when we ignore “the call” it not only doesn’t go away, it gets louder — becoming a “911.” When Will Life Stop Being Such a Struggle? Ann Albers answers “When you stop struggling with life.” As you stop pushing against the things, people and situations you don’t want, you allow for the things, people and situations to flow to you that you do desire — peace, love, happiness, abundance, kindness, health …

Did you know that Yoga May Lower Your Risk of Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s? Joseph Keon details just how profoundly beneficial a regular yoga practice can be for your cognitive health.

When They Go Low, You Go High. Alan Cohen councils us to refuse to join another person’s upset. “Your greatest power to get what you want and end a conflict is to stay established in your calm center.”

Owen Waters instructs us on The Vital Importance of Inner Alignment. Inner Alignment means becoming and expressing more of your true self. When this happens, “Society, as a whole, will then realize that heart-centered consciousness is the way forward into creating its bright, new future.”

Wishing everyone the way forward to a Peaceful Holiday Season, and a Bright & Healthy New Year,

Neil & Andrea