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Creations Magazine October/November 2019

October/November 2019

Talking Our Walk by Neil & Andrea Garvey

Unity vs Separation by Owen Waters

Finding Your Deepest Truth by Sanaya Roman

Your Attitude Can Change the Life of Your Loved One by Helene Berger

Adversity is Your Greatest Ally by Michael Taylor

Alarming Decline in Millennials’ Health by Arthur Firstenberg

Calendar of Events

The Autumn Leaves of Life by Elaine P. Morgan

How I Flunked the Science Fair, but Saved the World by Alan Cohen

How Many People Can You Change for the Better? by Will Tuttle, PhD

Vegan Diet Gives Athletes an Edge Over the Competition by Neal Barnard, MD

Resources for Natural Living

What’s Next in Later Years? by Nancy Burner, Esq.



Book & Product Reviews



*How to Deal with Your Relatives During the Holidays by Alan Cohen, Hawaii

*When You’re Sick, Be a Sick Person by Brenda Shoshanna

*Dream Your Life and Live it by Karen Struck, RN

*Gifts of Insight from 169 Straight Days (and counting!) of Meditation by Mina Samuels

*Happier, Healthier and Younger in Retirement by Fred Sievert

*Opioid Industry is Crashing. Are Vaccines Next? by John Gilmore

*USA: It is Time to Come Out of the Closet
You can’t fight for your rights and hide at the same time

An Editorial by John Gilmore, Executive Director, Autism Action Network

*Understanding Death … Expansively by Susan M. Hoskins

*How Your Body Changes When You Start Eating Vegetarian by Rand McClain, D.O.

*Hardship and Suffering Are Gifts In Disguise by Annette Cravera Goggio

*Life is Not About Predictability by Jeanmarie Wilson





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