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Creations Magazine April/May Issue The Rise of the Divine Feminine

April/May 2020

Talking Our Walk by Neil & Andrea Garvey

Honoring Mothers and Ending Slavery by Will Tuttle, PhD

Ecological Awareness by Alan Watts

Health Insurance and Affordable Health Care are Oxymorons by Sunil Pai, MD

Your Best Immunity to All Viruses by Alan Cohen

Divine Feminine Spirituality by Mary Hayes Grieco

Calendar of Events

Your Gut and Your Gut Feelings by Margaret Paul, PhD

The Grace of Receiving by Hope Fitzgerald

Resources for Natural Living

Insufficient Evidence that Gardasil and Cerverix Prevent Cervical Cancer by John Gilmore

ACTION ALERT: The Flames of Progress by Arthur Firstenberg


The Magical Power of Menstruation by Yogini Gopika

Book, Product & Music Reviews

Are GMO Potatoes Safe? A Former Monsanto Bioengineer Tells All by Caius Rommens, PhD

What is Worse: Going Viral or Verbal Quarantine? by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD


What Helps Doesn’t Have to Hurt by Alan Cohen



*Four Lifestyle Steps For Simple And Effective Immune Health by Dr. Christine Horner, MD

*HeartCharging by Donna Martini

*Pray that the World Does Not Go Back to Normal by Alan Cohen

*Let’s Turn this “Pause” into a Reset by Steve Farrell

*Birthing a Planetary Reset by Alan Cohen, Hawaii

*Hoarding Toilet Paper is Not the New Normal by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD

*This is One Way We Can Help by Frank Morrone, Long Island, NY

*The Coronavirus: How You Think About It Matters. Try This 3-Step Approach by Darren J. Gold

*So, Covid’s Made You a Hot Mess. Now What? by Judy Gaman

*When Our Distractions Are Gone by Brenda Shoshanna

*Bow to Fear or Uplift Each Other With Service? by Kimberly Faith

*Self-Compassion in Times of Crisis by Marianne Ingheim

*COVID-19 Is a Fact, But Fear Isn’t a Fact by Dr. Joe Luciani

*Wearing a Mask, Humor and Grateful Awakening by Cheryl Melody Baskin

*Making Peace With Uncertainty: A Mom’s Lessons Learned by Anne Ockene Boudreau

*Stuck inside? Five Simple Things to Get Reacquainted With Yourself by Maharani

*The Opportunity of a Lifetime by James K. Papp

*Water by Annette Goggio




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