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Trust Your Intuition 100 Ways to Transform Anziety and Depression for Stronger Mental Health
New Beginnings

4 Disciplines to Adopt to Minimize Anxiety
by Jill Sylvester – Hanover, MA

September 14, 2019

Anxiety can present itself in many different forms and frequencies in our lives. I call the low frequency feelings the “Hold On” zone where we may feel anxiety at its most intense. When we have done the work to put anxiety in its place, we may enter what I call the “Feel Better” zone, where […]

Happy Money The Japanes Art of Making Peace with Your Money
New Beginnings

Your Current Financial Situation and Your Family History
by Ken Honda -Tokyo, Japan

September 14, 2019

Your financial situation is deeply connected with your family history. We are taught by our parents about life. However, we didn’t learn our lessons about money from them the way we learned our lessons at school. Instead we absorbed the lessons: everything we saw, heard, and felt from a very young age stuck with us. […]

women holding basket of flowers
New Beginnings

The Responsibility of Self-Compassion
by Cholet Kelly Josué, MD – Maryland

September 3, 2019

Climate change. Racism. Funding shortages. Lack of access to healthcare. As the space between human beings shrinks, our community and societal problems seem bigger than ever. How do we meet these challenges in peaceful ways to sustain our communities? Self-compassion is the key. Self-compassion vs. self-protection In any group, whether it is a small neighborhood […]