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The World Peace Diet by Tuttle

Honoring Mothers and Ending Slavery
by Dr. Will Tuttle – Healdsburg CA

May 16, 2019

A disturbing trend over the past couple of decades is the ongoing proliferation of human trafficking and slavery. It’s well known that de facto slavery conditions exist in a number of industries, such as for children on cocoa plantations in Africa, and carpet, clothing, and electronics factories in India and elsewhere, men on fishing boats […]

mom with child in country

A Mother’s Unfathomable Journey
by Alee Reina Hoffman – Venice Beach, CA

May 15, 2019

As a society we grip to the idea that life cycles must happen in the order we want them to, that we cannot have a mother outlive their child because it means they did not get more than their mother did—what every mother wishes for their children. And yet the reality is that women sometimes […]


Atlantis Rising!
by Jill Mattson – Oil City, PA

April 24, 2019

The Atlantis “Myth” may be the most enduring grand mystery of all time… an enigma that was famously recorded by Plato around 360 BC (and it was ancient at that time!). Atlantis has captured the interest and imagination of countless generations; over 2,000 books have been written on this most famous “Lost Continent.” It has […]