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Loving Through Your Differences Building Strong Relationships From Separate Realities by James L. Creighton, PhD

Guidelines for Effective Communication
by James L. Creighton, PhD

February 20, 2019

Couples fight. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Sometimes these fights provide comic relief. At other times they threaten the very survival of the relationship. Psychologist and relationship consultant James Creighton wrote his new book Loving through Your Differences: Building Strong Relationships from Separate Realities to help reduce conflict between couples, especially those that are […]

pink rose

Where Are You Looking for Love?
by Thomas Capshew, PhD.

February 19, 2019

All of us at some time in our lives have looked for love. We often feel like love in our world is in short supply or difficult to find. Could it be, like the song, that most of us spend most of our lives “looking for love in all the wrong places?” Our culture has […]


Be Charged with the Best Life Energy
by Owen K Waters – Texas

February 19, 2019

Spiritual aliveness is the result of making your spirituality the day’s number one priority. Achieving this is fairly simple—as simple as being aware of one or two secrets of the universe and then setting your intention for each day. Life is an expression of your spiritual self. You are here to gain experience on a […]