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The Swim Prescription

How to Prepare for Open Water Swimming
by Alexander Hutchinson, PhD

May 30, 2023

Swimming in a lake, river, or the ocean is completely different from following a black-tiled line back and forth in five feet of water heated to a comfortable temperature in a pool. Open water swimming requires patience, courage, and the ability to adapt to changing conditions. If you’re considering making the jump there are some […]

Gameness — Land on your feet and not on your feelings

The Anticipation of Success – A game-changing strategy to renew your confidence, purpose, and motivation
by David Dennis – Clearwater, FL

May 30, 2023

Jeffrey Fry has puzzled burned-out leaders and unmotivated civilians alike who were minutes away from throwing in the towel with this famous quote: “Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.” Those who aim to just make it through the day, relying on clear rules and someone else’s vision to function, are […]

lotus bud

Toxic Secrets
by Owen Waters

May 30, 2023

Nothing in Creation is essentially good or bad, but we judge lower vibrations as bad because they oppose our natural desire to raise our consciousness. For example, toxins in food vibrate at a lower frequency while health-supporting nutrition vibrates at a higher frequency. Because body, mind and spirit are interconnected, toxic food depresses the frequencies […]